The Cookies that tell the history of Africa

Knowing the history to dream the future

Africa Glory & Beauty.


Africa does not need to be modern or civilised to be beautiful and glorious.

It is inherently beautiful.

It is glorious in its history.

Yes, Africa has a history, more than 300 thousand years old.

This story, Marabia tells it in each box of Biscuits that you will receive.

First African Cookie Brand That Tells You The Story Of Africa!

From Concept to Company


With Africa Blossoms we offer you boxes of African spice cookies with cards that tell you about Africa, its history, its culture and its people.

Africa Blossooms is the brand of African cookies with African spices that tells the story of Africa to curious gourmets from their sofa or their office, the time of a gourmet break.

After several months of design, testing and two confinements, your brand of homemade cultural cookies was launched in November 2020. We started with a pre-order campaign on the participative financing platform Ulule.

“Africa Blossoms” symbolizes flowering, rebirth and elevation. The revelation of the flowers of Africa.



Anokye Okomfo

"Start by looking for the origin of your political kingdom, everything will flow from there..."


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Mug Marabia

Mug Marabia Delivery 7 working days.


Tote Bag Marabia

Marabia Tote Bag, beige color. Delivery 7 working days


Sika Dwa Kofi

The gold stool, symbol of power in the Ashanti Empire. Discover more with our sweet and fragrant African spice cookies.


Kankou Moussa

The richest man of all time and the second most famous king of the Mali Empire after Soundiata Keïta. Discover…


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