The Cookies That Tell the Story of Africa

Our Concept

We tell the story of Africa's riches by turning food breaks into cultural breaks.
Stand out in your gifts!

Affirm African Pride

Africa Blossoms gives you a taste of the Beautiful and Glorious Africa in a unique and authentic way.

Bite into our cultural cookies with African spices where Ginger, Moringa, Hibiscus, Peace Seeds are mixed... Feel the heat of this ancestral land and let go!


More than 20,000 cookies made


Over 1200 boxes sold


More than 400 curious and satisfied gourmands conquered!


More than 25 historical maps of Africa available

Starting with the Stories

Cultivate yourself while having fun

Africa does not need to be modern or civilized to be beautiful and glorious.
It is inherently beautiful.
It is glorious in its history.
Start with Biscuits

Indulge yourself by educating yourself

Africa does not need to be modern or civilized to be sweet and tasty.
She is gentle with her people.
It is tasty by its spices.
100% Artisanal Biscuits

The Choice of Quality and Difference

We work with carefully selected spices from Africa. Our products are handmade.

1. Ingredients

At 80% organic, without coloring, without preservatives, without additives our recipes are minimalist.

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2. Spices

Our spices come from West Africa. They give character to our cookies.

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3. Packaging

No over-packaging of our cookies. Eco-responsible corn starch bags. Wax ribbons and reusable boxes.

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4. Stories

Our stories are written by people who are passionate about African stories.

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