The Cookies that tell the history of Africa

For the pleasure of cultivating yourself differently

Chaka Zulu, the African Emperor

I don’t need bodyguards, anyone who comes near me gets knee jerk.


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My Cultural Cookies -20%

For the pleasure of cultivating yourself in a different way !


My Cultural Cookies -40%

A New Taste and a New Story every month ! For the pleasure of cultivating yourself differently

7,74 / month for 12 months

My Cultural Cookies -30%

A New Taste and a New Story every month ! For the pleasure of cultivating yourself differently

9,03 / month for 12 months

My Blossoms Box

For the pleasure of cultivating yourself differently

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The Kingdom of Rwanda: ethnicities built over time

" Hutus and Tutsis are two groups much more similar than one might think..."


The origin of modern man

" The origin of modern man, that is, of our species Homo sapien, is african. ”


Djenné, historical and commercial city

" Great cosmopolitan city, animated, flourishing, and prosperous. Djenné is one of the oldest sub-Saharan cities. ”


Why is Africa a cradle?

" There are two main conceptions of the origin of man: creationism and evolutionism. ”


The Zulus, people of the sky

" The Zulus have inhabited Africa for over 1200 years. Their culture is as rich as it is unique ”


The Sultanate of Kilwa, a rich and prosperous city

"The Sultanate of Kilwa was a rich and prosperous city, ahead of the merits of the international trade.”



12 sweet and subtly spiced cookies with spices from Africa, No preservatives or additives

1 gft card to discover the historical and cultural heritage of Africa through a fact, a character, a city, etc..

Our cookies can be kept in their original packaging or in an airtight box, atprotect from light and humidity

Eco-responsible packaging bag made of corn starch.

List of ingredients : wheat flour, butter (milk), sugar, yeast + spices. Allergens, nutritional values and minimum durability date available on the back of the box

Additional information
Weight 0.185 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 7 cm

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Heritage of the African pharmacopoeia, the Moringa is nicknamed “the tree of miracles”. It is known for its exceptional nutritional qualities and its cosmetic properties in skin and hair care.

Moringa leaves are also used for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In the Sahel region, they are vegetables in their own right. One of the most miraculous features is its ability to clean and purify water.

Moringa is also called “Nebeday” in Wolof language, which means “Never die”. It can grow on both rich and poor soil, without being affected by drought.

When exposed to direct light, moringa cookies become more bitter as they are exposed to light. Hence the importance of keeping them away from light.

africa blossoms ginger


From its botanical name zingiber officinale, ginger (ginger in English) is now cultivated in almost all tropical areas of the world.

Ginger is a tropical plant most often used as a spice.

The most consumed part of the plant is the rhizome, an underground stem rich in food reserves.

Known to be an exceptional aphrodisiac, ginger is much more than a stimulant. For a long time, ginger has also been consumed for its multiple therapeutic virtues.

Very popular, fresh ginger juice is a famous drink in West Africa. It is also called Gnamankoudji, Gnamacoudji or Gnamakoudji, a name of Dioula origin.

africa blossoms 4-epices

The 4 spices

From its botanical name Pimenta dioica, 4-spice is originally a unique spice, also called allspice. The pepper or allspice is native to the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Its pleasantly pungent aroma evokes a mixture of pepper, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, spices found in many African dishes.

Generally, the term “4 spice” refers to a deliberate mixture of 4 different spices: ginger (or pepper), nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.

In traditional medicine, the infusion of the leaves of the all-spice would relieve the intestinal disorders and would facilitate the digestion.

These leaves are used in the Reunionese cooking, they scent pleasantly and delicately the sauces and the courses of broths.

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