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Félicien YAO

African storyteller at Africa Blossoms

To know Africa in what it has as vestiges of the past and as civilizational treasures has been for many years my greatest source of motivation. This original motivation really took shape when I met Africa Blossoms.

It is absolutely one of the best meetings of collaboration insofar as I discover the flavors and stories of Africa and that by updating the origins, traditional values and customs of this continent “Cradle of humanity”. Called “African Spice Cookies” or “Taste Africa”, it is the very first cookie brand to look back at Africa’s past to show what it has in common.

From then on, in the hope of awakening African consciences, I made the commitment to support the “Marabia” community.

My name is YAO Kramoh Félicien, graduate in Geography and of Ivorian origin. I am a blogger of African history, culture, art and literature. I also work as a storyteller in the “Marabia” Africa Blossoms community.


African storyteller at Africa Blossoms

I learned about Africa Blossoms by watching Fany’s application video to participate in the eloquence contest “The SchooLab Scene”.

His idea seemed brilliant and a few weeks later, when I had the chance to taste his cookies, I was won over to the end.

Belonging to the African diaspora myself and having chosen African studies as part of my university curriculum, I have always been extremely surprised by the lack of knowledge and curiosity that the West has about the African continent and its pre-colonial history.

Being part of the Marabia community of Africa Blossom, allows me to compensate for this lack of information and to make these pieces of forgotten history accessible to all.


African storyteller at Africa Blossoms


Wilfried Zogning

Intern in Maketing and Communication

Wilfried Zogning, 22 ans, chargé de communication et marketing digital chez Africa Blossoms.

Africa Blossoms, I knew it through my research of internship.

Passionate about Africa, its cultures, its arts and its gastronomy, I saw in Afrique Blossoms a better way to tell the story of Africa in a gourmet way through cultural cookies sweetened with African spices.


Dressmaker in African fabrics


Epoir Olangalire



Fany Nwamara

Founder & CEO


Alan Santos


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Jonah Barret

Service Advisor

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